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Home remedies for improving scalp health

Home remedies for improving scalp health



Your hair contributes a lot to the enhancement of your looks. There are various parameters such as hair length, hair thickness and glossiness that help to determine your overall scalp health. Since most of the young men and women tend to ignore and sideline these key indicators, their scalp health is often at risk. But don’t worry. Just follow these simple homemade simple remedies to treat the scalp of your hair for a long-lasting positive effect:


I. The magic of hair oil:

By way of applying warm natural oil to your hair, the texture and scalp health of your hair could be improved to a greater extent. Here we are listing a few of the commonly used herbal oils for treating hair ailments:


  1. Argan oil: It is prepared from the kernels of the argan tree and is especially found in Morocco. Enriched with Vitamin E, it acts as a perfect moisturizer for dealing with lacklustre hair.
  2. Coconut oil: It is the most affordable and easily available solution right now. It eliminates dandruff, increases the hair’s softness, boosts hair growth, adds proteins and repairs the split-ends.
  3. Bringhraj: It is a boon for the beauty industry and is predominantly used in Ayurvedic therapies. The oil can be used along with the carrier oil for obtaining an optimum result. Bringhraj oil stimulates the growth of the hair and activates hair follicles.
  4. Castor oil: This oil is manufactured from castor seeds and helps to combat most of the hair related problems. It helps to avoid flaking of scalps and moisturizes them as well. Through constant lubrication and nourishment, the hair root breakage can also be prevented.


II. The cleansing benefits of rice water:

The Chinese remedy of ‘rice water’ has been an age-long secret for a fabulously well-maintained hair. It acts as a natural shampoo and also rinses well. It also delays the graying process of hair among the aged people. Rice water contains a host of components that are of nutritional value for the hair. It can be easily obtained by boiling a cup of rice in two cups of hot water and then by straining out the residue liquid.


III. Effective egg therapy:

No one can indeed deny the beauty value of an egg mask. The Vitamin B present in it can provide remedies for a majority of hair ailments. It is advisable to make use of both the yolk and the white component of the egg for the best result. The yellow egg yolk carries out the function of a perfect moisturizer for locking out the hair dryness. Through its multitude of available nutrients, the natural sheen of the hair is retained.


All you have to do is crack open 2 eggs then beat its contents thoroughly and apply them over the hair and scalp. Just leave them on for 10 minutes, rinse them up completely and apply your regular shampoo and conditioner.


IV. Treat your hair with onion juice:

Onion juice is a rich repository of a wide range of nutrients and vitamins that aids for hair regeneration and growth. Owing to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial nature, it ensures that your scalp stays free of infection and your hair never breaks easily. And the icing on the cake is the presence of antioxidants in it that prevents your hair from ageing soon.


Take 3 onions, squeeze their juice and apply them all over your hair and scalp and leave them for around 5 minutes before rinsing. The protein and Sulphur elements help to replenish your lost hair for sure.


V. Avail the health benefits of green tea:

Green tea is ideal for reducing hair fall and thinning of hair, because of the presence of an antioxidant called EGCG. It helps in boosting the health of dermal papilla cells and hair follicles. Also, it is equally effective in treating psoriasis and dandruff problems. Green tea helps in regulating the protein levels, hydrates, nourishes and moisturizes the scalp.


Green tea can also be used with shampoos or even be simply massaged right onto the hair. By using it for rinsing your hair, your hair can attain a smoother and softer texture. This homemade remedy is also best suited for curing split ends.


VI. BEER for your HAIR:

The vitamin B and proteins present in the beer can strengthen your hair follicles and repair your damaged hair by protecting and replenishing them in the most natural manner. It gives a sleek, glossy look and tightens the cuticles of your hair.


It is just as simple as rinsing your hair normally as you do with beer instead of shampoo at least one or two times a month. It is a great way of building lost proteins and replenishing them without the use of any harmful chemicals.


VII. Using crushed amala paste to your benefit:

Amalas are rich in Vitamin C and hence can cause cell regeneration and increase the rate of hair growth. Courtesy of its hydrating properties, it can effortlessly cleanse the natural scalp, remove germs, and prevent hair damage and early graying.


Using it is equally simple too. Crush three to four amalas in a bowl and apply the juice and the pulp throughout the entire scalp and hair for attaining the desired benefit.


VIII. Hair growth through hydration:

It is vital to stay hydrated for the benefit of your hair health. Try to add as many fluids in your diet as possible including coconut water and freshwater. Tender coconuts contain electrolytes which play a major part in moving nutrients into the follicle cells of your hair.


The million-dollar question that has been haunting us all these days was ‘How to achieve lustre in our hair without destroying it in the due process?’ There could no other better solution than using herbal shampoos in such cases. Herbal shampoos are best suited for people possessing dry hair. Free of harmful sulphates and parabens, herbal shampoos are of course the native solution to all form of hair diseases prevailing in this modern era. Here we are about to see the top 5 herbal shampoo products available in the market right now:


Top 5 herbal shampoo products in India:


Our rankProduct nameUser ratingBuying options
1.Satthwa Argan oil shampoo


2.Patanjali coconut hair wash


3.Khadi Herbal shikakai shampoo


4.Lotus herbals keravedapura henna shampoo


5.Himalaya anti-hair fall shampoo



I. Satthwa Argan oil shampoo:


Satthwa Argan oil shampoo


  • The Moroccan Argan Oil present in this particular product contains a whole lot of vitamins and minerals that greatly enhances the moisture level of your hair. This key ingredient revitalises your hair’s elasticity and restores shine to dull, lifeless hair
  • Safe for all hair types. Contains vitamin-D from avocado oil that is crucial for the generation of new hair follicles. For best results, wet hair and massage shampoo into hair and scalp, creating a rich lather.
  • Special Features: Restorative Natural Shampoo, Sulfate (SLS) Free, Paraben & Alcohol-Free
  • Ingredient: Aqua, Argania Spinosa, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Botanical Keratin, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Lauryl Glucoside, Coco-Glucoside, Decyl Glucoside, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycerine, Alo Vera Gel, Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis, Azadirachta Indica, Polyquart-10, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sodium Phytate, Xanthan Gum & Natural Fragrance.
  • For both Men & Women, Quantity 200ML. The neem extract helps in reducing dandruff, redness and scalp irritation while the botanical keratin reduces frizzy hair and takes care of dry and damaged hair. Jojoba oil moisturises the hair and follicles without leaving any residues behind. Coconut oil prevents the scalp from getting dry while it fights against the fungus that causes dandruff.
  • All the Satthwa products are made from Grade A pure ingredients without the use of harmful chemicals and parabens to make a real difference in the daily lives of people.



  1. Can I use it for regrowth of hair from dry grey thin damaged hair fall condition?

The main purpose of a shampoo is to clean the scalp and hair. It contains very good oils along with keratin which will help in restoration of healthier scalp and hair. But shampoos are not for hair regrowth or premature greying.

  1. Can i use it for dry frizzy hair?

Yes, you can use this shampoo for dry and frizzy hair.

  1. Can it be used for dry grey thin damaged hair fall hair?

The purpose of this shampoo is to clean scalp without harsh chemicals, moisturise scalp and hair with the oils used in the shampoo and keep your hair healthy.

  1. What does it smell like?

Shampoo has a mild natural fragrance to it. It smells fresh on application. The fragrance is not overpowering for those who are averse to strong smells.


II. Patanjali coconut hair wash:



Patanjali coconut hair wash


Patanjali Coconut hair wash is an Ayurvedic proprietary medicine. A unique blend of coconut oil and natural extract of Ghritkumari, Methi, Bhringraj, and Heena with neutralize base, which cleanses gently, nourish and moisturize the scalp and experience hair soft, silky and shiny.


The key features are as follows:

  • Useful in dryness and roughness of hair
  • Prevent hair fall and improve hair shine
  • Nourish and moisturize the scalp and experience hair soft, silky and shiny
  • Works both as a cleanser and conditioner. Applying a heavy conditioner could weigh down hair post its use. This is enough on its own. Takes the oil out as well. Generates enough lather.
  • It helps in smoothening the hair.
  • It is a mild herbal hair wash which leaves the hair smooth and gives a gentle shine. The hair looks voluminous on regular usage. It has no side effects and it is also chemical-free.



  1. Can I use this daily?

Yes, of course you can use it each and every day.

  1. What are the neutral base ingredients present in this product?

Aqua,Shea Butter,Vitamin E,Soya Protein,Dimethicone,Methyl Paraben,Sugandhit Dravya – Q.S.
Uses: Conditions,Nourishes and detangles hair, reduce hairfall, split end and make hair healthy and strong.

  1. Is it 100% natural product?

Yes absolutely. It is fully made of organic materials.

  1. Does it help in controlling hair fall?

This quality product from Patanjali is ideally suited for those with intense hair fall problem.


III. Khadi herbal shikakai shampoo:



Khadi herbal shikakai shampoo



The shampoo fights dandruff and hair fall, both problems that most people face during climate change. The shikakai spreads sufficient nutrition to your hair fibre to fight the effects of temperature and other elements that lead to weaker hair and other hair problems. Shikakai ensures that your hair is supplied a rich base of nutrition that will rejuvenate hair from its previous state, the shampoo also will promote health and vitality so you flaunt locks that cause envy around the block. When every aspect that builds your hair is provided with the utmost care, all signs of hair damage will be reduced but the nurture and health of your hair will stay better than ever.


Here are a few salient features of this product:


  • 100 % Natural product
  • remove Dandruff & scalps
  • Application area: Hair
  • Ideal For:Men & Women
  • Scalp Type: Normal



  1. Is this shampoo is helpful for oily hair?

This shampoo can be used for resolving dry hair, hair fall problem and for improving hair growth.

  1. Is this shampoo is useful for making hairs thick, black and shiny?

Yes, it is the best one for all the above purposes.



IV. Lotus herbals Keravedapura Henna shampoo:


Lotus herbals Keravedapura Henna shampoo


Shikakai-Amla Herbal Shampoo details Lotus Herbals Kera-Veda Shikakai-Amla Herbal Shampoo removes pollutants and impurities from the scalp. Shikakai, Amla and Reetha are used for washing hair since ancient times. Trifla gives strength to the hair and stops hair fall.


The key features of the product are as follows:


  • Quantity: 200ml; item form: foam
  • Lotus Herbals
  • Haircare, strong hair
  • Usage: Apply liberally to wet hair and work lather through strands, from scalp to ends. Rinse well with water
  • Target audience: men and women
  • Package contents: 1 shampoo



1.Is it chemical free shampoo? Does it contain chemicals like sls, sles, paraben etc.,?

It’s totally chemical free shampoo. It only contains natural ingredients like shikakai, Alla, Reeta and Bahera.



V. Himalaya Anti-hair fall shampoo:


Himalaya Anti-hair fall shampoo


Himalaya’s Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo is a breakthrough 2-in-1 formula that reduces hair fall and provides nourishment to hair shafts. It also conditions and improves your hair texture to reduce hair fall due to breakage. The herbs Butea Frondosa and Bhringaraja stimulate hair follicle growth and are effective in strengthening hair roots and controlling hair fall.


The important product related features are given below:


  • Quantity: 400ml; Item Form: Foam
  • Strengthens hair roots
  • Moisturizes hair
  • Hair Type: All Hair Types
  • Container Type: Plastic Bottle
  • Target Audience: Men & Women
  • Package Includes: 1 Herbal Anti-hair fall Shampoo



  1. Is this a mild shampoo? Does this anti-hair fall shampoo help to stop hairfall?

yes, it’s indeed a mild white shampoo that helps to reduce hair fall.

  1. Is it situable for teenage girls?

Yes it is beneficial. By making use of it the rate of hairfall can be reduced upto 80%.

  1. Is this product helpful for hair growth?

This product is not meant for hair growth. It is only prepared to stop hair fall.

  1. Is this an anti-hairfall or anti-breakage shampoo?

It is an effective anti-hairfall shampoo composed of herbal components.

  1. Is it 100% herbal

Yes, for sure.

6.Is this product animal cruelty free?

Yes. No animals were harmed in the making of this product.


So this concludes our article on the homemade hair care remedies and the list of top 5 best herbal shampoos. If you have ones you love, do share it with us as we are always eager to share our best hair care tips with one another. As seen above, each of the above-mentioned shampoos are unique in their own ways for hair treatment and are available in different price ranges to suit people with all types of budgets. Hence take a look at them and try them out and tell us what you think of them soon…


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