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Experience the miraculous power of UNA products

Experience the miraculous power of UNA products


UNA hair care products have become ever so popular these days because of their therapeutic behaviour. They are highly used world-wide and very difficult to buy online as well. Hence to make this process easier, we have compiled the top 6 UNA products in this blog from India’s top e-commerce platform as follows:

 I. UNA oxygenating treatment:



The UNA oxygenating treatment is especially meant for preventing hair loss. It is particularly used for hair loss treatment. The oxygenating treatment involves inserting Procapil molecules and oligo-elements vitamins into the hair scalp. The Procapil molecule stimulates the metabolism rate of the cells present in the hair follicles. It also plays a crucial role in preventing hair loss by reinforcing the capillary bulb’s epithelium. The Oligo-elements vitamins and other natural active ingredients of this product aids in boosting the microcirculation by oxygenating the tissues and prolonging the growth phase.

II. UNA energizing shampoo:



UNA energizing shampoo is a high-quality product made in Italy and imported worldwide. It helps to repair stressed and damaged hair. It delicately cleanses, fortifies, and balances porosity of the hair scalp. This shampoo revitalizes the hair shaft by increasing its overall shine, strength, and silkiness. It must be applied to damp hair by distributing it evenly. Make sure to rinse it well and repeat the procedure if required.

  III. UNA intensive protein treatment:




UNA intensive protein treatment is a high-quality product made in Italy and imported worldwide. It helps to strengthen damaged hair. It is ideally suited for hair strengthening and hair repairing treatment. It works miraculously by delivering deep penetrating protein and hydration to chemically damaged and stressed hair. The product must be applied to clean and damp hair by distributing it evenly across the hair follicles. It is recommended to cover your hair with a plastic cap during the application. Then leave your hair particles under a heat source for about 5 to 10 minutes and finally rinse it thoroughly for the best result.

IV. UNA hydrating shampoo:


It comes in a sales package that includes 250 ml hydrating shampoo, a revitalizing conditioner, re-build therapy, and repair complex. It is particularly suited for dry and coarse hair. This moisturizing and nourishing shampoo is capable of addressing various scalp and dry hair related problems. The product restores moisture balance by improving softness and bounce.

V. UNA repair complex:



This advanced repair complex instantly creates a silky effect by moisturizing and leaving hair shiny and soft. It seals and protects the hair against humidity without adding any extra weight. Regular usage will help you to disentangle and repair the split ends. Further, the product strengthens the hair follicles, smoothen the cuticles, and eliminates frizz.

VI. UNA coconut oil:


UNA coconut oil hair treatment is extremely useful for revitalizing the emollient mask for dry and damaged hair. It has a rich quantity of olive oil, coconut oil, and vegetable oils mixed in appropriate proportion for optimum benefit. This product aids in achieving an intense and long-lasting anti-frizz action. It is highly recommended to apply the oil after shampooing and leave it for about 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing it at last.

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